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Swimming gear

Large selection of Swimming accessories.

More then just a Dive Store

We offer a full range of Swimming gear.  If you or your kids are Swimming in Airdrie, or even Swim in Calgary at a local swim club we carry all you need from Foam Boards, Swimmers snorkels and more. Whether your a casual swimmer, doing laps in a pool, or racing across the lake. 

Paddle Boarding is the new favourite amongst water sport enthusiasts. And with many options available as far as size and weight goes we have you covered.  Our selection of paddle boards are available to order with us in store.

Looking to rip behind a fast speeding boat? We also special order towable tubes. 

Aqualung/Aqua Sphere

Aqua Sphere offers the industry's top line up of swim wear, swim googles, and accessories. Used by Olympic Athletes it is top rated and trusted for all your swimming needs.


Head swim line has a great selection of fins and goggles for all types of swimming. Whether you race or just for leisure.

Akona Surf/ Pluse/ White Knuckle

If your gliding on flat water, surfing the waves, cruising down the river, or wanting to "Hang on tight" while you rip though the water .These guys have you covered. They carry inflatable paddle boards to the more traditional boards, neoprene vests, and tow behinds.


Finis has a huge line of Swimming equipment. From the beginner swimmer both young and old right up to the lifetime athlete. They even have the mono fins and popular Kids Mermaid fins.

In-Stock or request to order

Not sure if we carry what your looking for. Pop by Aqua Dive and Watersports today to check out all our in-stock items. Where we will also help fit your goggles or fins just for you. Still not seeing what you need we can always special order items in for you. Orders take about a week to 2 weeks to get in.