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Where your adventure starts

Scuba Diving is the coolest thing you will ever do. The feeling of being weightless in the water and being able to see all the colour and marine life the water has to offer is amazing. And it is simple to get started with Aqua Dive and Watersports and the PADI programs we offer.

All our courses have no hidden fees. We will let you know everything you need to get started and provide you with all the basics to get you on the right path to success. 

If your not sure this is something for you. Try out the Discover Scuba program. 

This fun course lets you try out diving in the pool and will show you some skills that you would learn in the Open Water. This program is $60 and includes 2 hours pool time. Trust me you will want to take the next step after this!

And what's the next step you ask, that's the Open Water Diver Course.

There's 2 options with this course: 

1: PADI elearner course. 

This is our most popular and newest option. It is very convenient to use on any computer, tablet or mobile device. Once you register with us for elearning you will be sent a special code that sets you up for the elearner course. You can work though it online or offline. All classroom work is now on this and there will be no need to come in and sit in on hours of class time. It is eco-friendly, convenient, and fun. Also a great option for the kids or the busy family always on the go.


The Open Water elearning is $350 includes elearning code, 1 hour orientation in shop to get fitted for your pool gear and review what's to come, pool sessions done over 2 days, elearning crewpack, use of all Scuba equipment for the pool, and discounts on gear.


2: Traditional Open Water Course. 

In this option you will be given the crew pack and some videos and work on these at home. Then you will book in for 1 classroom session over the evening to work with an instructor going over your books, tables and quizzes/final exam. Then we will head to the pool for some more fun.

The Open Water Traditional is $249 includes open water crew pack, 1 classroom session, pool sessions done over 2 days, use all Scuba equipment in pool, and discounts on gear.

When your done your class and pool training you will need to sign up for your 4 Open Water training dives. These dives can be done at one of our local lakes or on a vacation with your referral letter.

If you would like to continue your education we offer all the PADI programs from Advanced to Divemaster as well as DSAT Technical training

Call us for the next upcoming course and for more details at:

403-980-3483 . 

What makes us stand out

As a new diver you look for a instructor who can teach you with confidence and a passion for diving. That's why at Aqua Dive we have the best instructors and a full time Course Director on staff with over 30+ years of training knowledge and diving experience. Our courses are performance based not time based. Meaning you don't get a pass unless we can confidently see that you have mastered the skills and are comfortable doing them. 

During your Open Water we provide you with all the basic gear to get started (except your personal hygienic gear like mask/snorkel and fins. Oh and a bathing suit).

We also offer students discounts on gear purchases. All our prices are very competitive when it comes to gear and we want to make sure you have the right equipment while you are learning to dive so you feel comfortable in the pool.  

Required Forms

Ah the lovely paperwork! Like anything fun there's always the paperwork that must be done first. 

The most important paperwork to fill out before hand is the RSTC Divers Medical Statement form. If you answer "YES" to ANY question on this form then you must take these forms to your Doctor and get a ok in order to continue on the course. This form can be found below in the online brochures. You only need to print it off and fill it out if you answer YES to anything.

PADI Learn to Dive

Check out this great video. While we don't have beautiful blue oceans or hot sandy beaches to teach your Open Water course, we do have amazing instructors, and promise you all the excitement and fun. 

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